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Models wanted for a website featuring plastic clothes and plastic pants.
No experience is necessary.

I am looking for girls for a new website showing girls in lingerie and/or sexy clothes with plastic pants and/or plastic clothing.

Some of the clothing and plastic will be sheer and transparent (the top half).

For the first shoot I would use you for two hours. Pay is $200 cash at the time of the shoot. We do little scenes of 50 photos followed by a 3 minute video clip of the same scene. I can comfortably get three such scenes per hour so that is six scenes overall.

The video is of you sexily moving your hands over the plastic and also making crinkly sounds with it. If we work efficiently and finish early well and good.

The website can be ongoing work. Future shoots would be three hours and $300.

Your own hair and make up. Bring some sexy tops, bras and shoes if you have them. I have clothes here as well.

You would also need to bring photo ID and tax file number.